About Us

Meet The Owner








 I am Haley, the owner of Dany Cat Designs. I love all things nerdy and am unironically enthusiastic about the things I love. I am a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, D&D, music, and so much more. I created Dany Cat Designs to create high end fandom inspired products and as a fun creative outlet. I hope that the things I create bring joy to your life.

When I am not making soaps, candles, and more, I am a librarian at a public library, participate in local theater, and attend as many concerts as possible.

Meet The CFO (Chief Feline Officer)








 We all know who is really in charge of this business, and that is Daenerys (Dany). She is our company's namesake. She contributes very little overall to the business other than being very cute. She can be found napping in sunbeams, begging for treats, and rolling in catnip.

Meet The Assistant to the CFO







 Augustus (Auggie) is our newest employee here at Dany Cat Designs, much to Dany's dismay. He is a gentle giant with no thoughts in his adorable little head. His title is purely honorary, as he cannot be trusted with anything that doesn't involve treats or destroying all the toilet paper in the house.